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Pest Control Service

Bought a new house and now you feel that you and your family would live there happily ever after! It’s a dream that hardly comes true for anyone in reality because with you there reside hidden pests in your home.

No wonder, they might have been residing there long before you even stepped into that house! These tiny, creepy, crawly pests intrude your house, especially in moisture-prone areas like attics, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Found in different varieties, such as cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, wood borers, mosquitoes, and ants; it’s not easy to get rid of these pests. So, how to deal with them?

Whether it is your concern about how to control mosquitoes or how to remove rats from home, a pest control serviceis the apt answer to all your worries. Book pest control services from HiCare, India’s leading digital hygiene company.

Proud to be India’s only HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certified pest-service provider, HiCare offers warranty-backed pest control treatments. Mosquito controltreatments, rodent control services , andcockroach pest controlare just a few pest treatments offered by the company at affordable pricing.

Reasons to Book Pest Control Services

Leaving pests in your house (not getting rid of them) is like inviting them to breed and multiply and take over your entire property! Moreover, these creepy pests bring along health hazards and spoil the beauty of your expensive furniture and home interiors.

No matter how hard you may try a DIY method to remove pests from your home, you may not get the desired results. So, why waste so much time, money, and energy? Why not book a professional pest-control service from experienced companies like HiCare?

Listed below are some valid reasons to consider a professional pest-control service:

  • Efficient pest-testing and detection
  • Complete pest removal
  • Safe pest-control treatment without further damage or spread
  • Children and pet-friendly pest-control chemicals and solutions
  • Complete cleaning of the area after pest-control service
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Ensures complete peace of mind
  • Warranty-backed services

When to Get a Pest Control Service?

Ideally, the moment you detect some early signs of pest infestation at home, you must consider booking a pest-control service immediately from a professional company like HiCare.

Worry not if you’re not aware of how to detect these early signs of pest infestation. We will now throw light on the same:

  • Foul odors
  • Scattered wings, eggs, or pest droppings
  • Water leakage in bathroom, kitchen, or attic
  • Holes and cracks in furniture or walls
  • Strange gnawing sounds at regular intervals
  • Greasy marks or tracks on the floor
  • Hollow sound when you tap on the furniture or walls
  • Damaged indoor plants
  • Ant hills or heaps of soil accumulated at certain corners of the house

Services Offered Under Pest Control by HiCare

Trusting HiCare for a pest-control treatment means relying on the best professionals for complete pest eradication. HiCare has been in business for 16 years and is proud to offer a variety of pest-control services.

The company aims to help people live in pest-free homes by offering the following pest-control services:

  1. Bed Bug Control: Book BBMS – Lite Bed Bug Treatment from HiCare - to keep the mess of bed bugs at bay. It is a two-visit service plan.

    The first visit is about inspecting the hiding bed bugs in your beddings, carpets, and curtains. The company will schedule the second service after 15 days of the first service.

  2. Cockroach Control: Get away from the mess of cockroaches by booking Cockroach Control Treatment from HiCare.

    With a fool-proof formula to deny shelter and food to these pests, the company’s trained professionals will destroy and further control cockroach infestation at your place.

  3. Mosquito Control: Don’t wait for the monsoon to allow the entry of mosquitoes into your home. Purchase the efficient 3x Mosquito Control Treatment plan from HiCare to enjoy the rainy season without the worry of mosquitoes.

    Live happily in a mosquito-free home 24/7 and enjoy the fresh air by keeping windows open after this treatment. HiCare’s Mosquito Control Treatment ensures clean air, walls, and water, preventing mosquito breeding in and around your house.

  4. Rodent Control:

    Are those ugly-looking rodents posing a threat to your family? Control them before they become out of control by booking RMS – Lite Rodent Pest Control Treatment - from HiCare. The trained professionals will first look out for rodent hideouts at your place and then install rodent traps to catch hold of these creepy monsters.

    A 100% success is guaranteed with these industry-approved and heavy-duty glue boards used by HiCare professionals to catch rodents and throw them out of your premises.

  5. Termite Control:

    Rely on nothing but the best for complete termite control. Book the Termite Pest Control Treatment from HiCare - a warranty-backed service that is all about drilling, filling, and sealing the holes infested by termites.

    Unlike other pest-control services, the company will send two trained professionals to offer complete termite testing and removal. The time duration for termite control may range from 2-3 hours for a standard 2BHK house.

  6. Wood Borer Control:

    Detected signs of wood borers in your furniture? Then don’t delay booking a Wood Borer Lite Pest Control Treatment from HiCare.

    If you book the wood borer pest control service, you can expect professionals to identify these wood-loving pests in your furniture and wooden items. After thorough detection, they will use safe chemicals to fill the infected holes and protect your furniture from wood borers.

    It’s a 3-step procedure that involves inspection, injection, and spraying.

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